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In Our Opinion: It's time for baseball to ban chewing tobacco
June 23, 2014. The Daily Star

Here's A Gwynn Tribute: Ban Chewing Tobacco From Baseball
June 22, 2014. U-T San Diego

MLB Needs To Ban Chewing Tobacco
June 20, 2014.

Tony Gwynn’s death should convince baseball to ban tobacco
June 19, 2014. The Boston Globe

Editorial: Baseball must snuff out smokeless tobacco use
June 18, 2014. The Sacramento Bee

SNYDER: Tony Gwynn’s death reinforces need for baseball tobacco ban
June 18, 2014, The Washington Times

A call to action: tobacco and MLB
The cancer that cost Tony Gwynn his life should force baseball to re-visit the issue
June 17, 2014.

For Tony Gwynn, ban tobacco in baseball
June 17, 2014, Chicago Sun-Times

Gwynn’s death needs to create a culture change
June 17, 2014, The Kearney Hub (Nebraska)

Baseball season begins with tobacco curb
April 10, 2012. Baptist Press

Waking up to the dangers of smokeless tobacco
April 5, 2012. Washington Post

At start of baseball season, Durbin, Lautenberg, Harkin, Blumenthal applaud MLB for banning tobacco use
April 4, 2012. Senator Dick Durbin

You can help narc on tobacco-using ballplayers
April 3, 2012. NBC Sports Hardball

The Battle Over Chewing Tobacco
March 14, 2012. San Diego Reader

By The Numbers: Tony Gwynn And Smokeless Tobacco In Baseball
March 1, 2012. CBS New York

Chewing tobacco ban for MLB?
February 27, 2012. Fox News

Tony Gwynn's Cancer Surgery Should Be a Warning Sign to Tobacco Chewers
February 15, 2012. Bleacher Report

Smokeless tobacco pinched
December 12, 2011. General Board of Church & Society of the United Methodist Church

Banning smokeless tobacco
November 26, 2011. Minot Daily News

Chewing tobacco and a Major League dream
November 25, 2011. CNN

Joe Garagiola happy to see MLB's 1st step vs. tobacco
November 22, 2011. Arizona Republic

Durbin welcomes baseball's restrictions on smokeless tobacco
November 22, 2011. St. Louis Dispatch

CBA limits players' use of smokeless tobacco
November 22, 2011. AP Story in Sports Illustrated

Baseball Players: Chew on This
November 10, 2011. Memphis Daily News

Democrats urge baseball to test for HGH and ban chewing tobacco
November 2, 2011. Associated Press/ Washington Post

Editorial: Never mind beer, baseball should ban tobacco
November 2, 2011. Patriot-Ledger

Congressmen urge MLB to test for HGH, ban chewing tobacco
November 2, 2011. CBS Sports

ABC NEWS: Baseball Chewing Tobacco On Deck to be Spit Out?
October 26, 2011. ABC World News Now

Editorial: Baseball should ban tobacco entirely
October 26, 2011. Rochester Post-Bulletin

Editorial: Free baseball of smokeless tobacco
October 24, 2011. Herald Times Reporter

Editorial: Kick tobacco off the field
October 24, 2011. Milford Daily News

Editorial: Ban baseball's nasty habit
October 24, 2011. Chattanooga Times Free Press

Editorial: Just play ball
October 21, 2011. Raleigh News Observer

Senators Push MLB Tobacco Ban
October 21, 2011. Click2Houston, KPRC

Brennan: Baseball needs to dump chewing tobacco
October 20, 2011. Keeping Score, USA Today

Snuff out the problem: MLB should ban smokeless tobacco
October 20, 2011. AOL Fanhouse, Sporting News

World Series puts spotlight on use of smokeless tobacco
October 20, 2011. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Should the Baseball Players Union Ban Chewing Tobacco During World Series Games?
October 20, 2011. KMOX Radio, CBS

Video: Tobacco Out In MLB?
October 19, 2011. WXII

Editorial: Make baseball chaw-free
October 19, 2011. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Players' group has no comment on tobacco ban call
October 19, 2011. Reuters

Video: Senators, Health Officials Hope To Strike Out Chewing Tobacco
October 19, 2011. WFMY News, CBS (NC)

Group asks major leaguers to spit out the chewing tobacco
October 19, 2011. Marketplace

Editorial: Baseball should bag the chew
October 19, 2011. Salisbury Post

Politicians, including Dick Durbin, want tobacco-free World Series between Rangers and Cardinals
October 18, 2011. New York Daily News

Senators: There should be no chewing in baseball
October 18, 2011. 2Chambers Blog, Washington Post

Senators urge MLB to ban tobacco during Series
October 18, 2011. Associated Press (running in USA Today, ESPN, Sporting News,, San Francisco Chronicle and dozens more.)

Sen. Durbin, colleagues want smokeless tobacco kicked out of baseball
October 18, 2011. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Senators, health officials urge tobacco ban
October 18, 2011.

Durbin: Wants Major League Baseball to ban players from using tobacco at ballpark
October 18, 2011. Chicago Sun-Times

Senators urge World Series tobacco ban
October 18, 2011. NBC Sports, Hardball Talk

Editorial: There's no smoke, but there's ire
September 29, 2011. Chicago Sun Times

Video: MLB Commissioner Wants Chewing Tobacco Banned
September 29, 2011. CBS Baltimore/ WJZ

Will Major League Baseball toss tobacco?
September 27, 2011. USA Today

Taking on tradition, baseball seeks ban on chewing tobacco and dip
September 24, 2011. Associated Press (running in Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and dozens more)

Editorial: It's Time To Get Chewing Tobacco Out Of The Game
August 15, 2011. Baseball America

Despite growing resistance to smokeless tobacco, major league ban may be difficult to attain
August 10, 2011. The New Jersey Star-Ledger

Video: Diamondbacks owner speaks in support of smokeless tobacco ban in baseball
July 11, 2011. NBC, KPNX Channel 12

Video: Banning tobacco use in the MLB
June 20, 2011. CBS, KYTX 19

Video: Faith Groups Pitch Ban on Baseball's Nasty Habit
June 15, 2011. CBN/ 700 Club

Faith leaders call on baseball union to take tobacco out of the game
June 3, 2011. Lincoln Journal Star

Faith leaders go to bat for big-league tobacco ban
June 1, 2011. Salt Lake Tribune, Following Faith

What would Jesus not do? Chew tobacco, religious leaders say
May 31, 2011. USA Today, Faith & Reason

Religious leaders: Thou shall not use chewing tobacco on the baseball field
May 31, 2011. Houston Chronicle, Believe It or Not

Ban smokeless tobacco in the Big Leagues, say religious leaders
May 31, 2011. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Political Insider

D'backs Owner: Ban smokeless tobacco
May 18, 2011. USA Today

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Smokeless Tobacco in Baseball
May 17, 2011. HBO

Health officials seek smokeless tobacco ban in baseball's most visible venues
April 7, 2011. St. Petersburg Times

Seattle pitches in for pro baseball ban on tobacco
April 6, 2011. Seattle Times

Editorial: Tobacco on the field: Bush-league chew
April 1, 2011. Boston Globe

Bud Selig: smokeless tobacco should be banned in the majors
April 1, 2011. NBC Hardball Talk

Video: Big League Chewers Under Fire
April 1, 2011. NBC LA

Selig says MLB wants to ban smokeless tobacco
March 31, 2011. Sports Illustrated/ AP

Editorial: Kill tradition, not players
March 31, 2011. Scranton Times Tribune

ABC 7 News: Groups urge MLB to ban tobacco
March 31, 2011. ABC 7 News (DC)

Bobby Valentine Op-ed: Take Dip Out of the Ballgame
March 31, 2011. New York Times

Video: Growing push to get tobacco out of baseball
March 31, 2011. NECN Boston

Officials seek Fenway ban on smokeless tobacco
March 30, 2011. Boston Herald

Top Health Officials In MLB Cities Want Tobacco Out Of The Ballgame
March 29, 2011. Baseball Digest

Smokeless tobacco may be on its way out of Major League Baseball parks
March 29, 2011. Los Angeles Times: Booster Shots

Tony Gwynn returns after facing cancer
March 27, 2011. ESPN Outside the Lines

Special Video Message from Senator Dick Durbin
March 26, 2011

Should chewing tobacco be banned from baseball?
March 11, 2011. Boston Globe

Editorial: Baseball's Bad Habit
March 4, 2011. Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Time for majors to ban chewing tobacco
March 2, 2011. New Jersey Star-Ledger

MLB Committed to educating on tobacco risks
(Originally titled "It’s Time for MLB to Kick Tobacco Habit")
Feb. 21, 2011. MLB.COM

Editorial: Take tobacco out of the game
Feb. 18, 2010. Philadelphia Inquirer

Editorial: Baseball's back; smokeless tobacco too
Feb. 18, 2010. San Diego Union-Tribune

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn discusses his struggles with cancer
Feb.11, 2011. Los Angeles Times

Stephen Strasburg attempts to quit smokeless tobacco
Jan. 31, 2011. Washington Post

Teen chewing tobacco use putting baseball in a pinch
Oct. 21, 2010. Sacramento Bee

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